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Vastu Drawings

To plot a dream home, Vastu provides principles for construction of house.

Principles for right construction of the house:

  • At first make a plan on paper regarding layout of the building, excavation, foundation concrete, brick work, doors and windows frame etc.
  • Before starting construction, the land should be cleared of thorny plants, bushes, stones, holes in the ground.
  • The trash should be removed from construction site.
  • Construction should be done constantly, that is, there is no break in construction work.
  • Daytime is good for construction work, avoid it in the night.
  • Compound walls should be built before construction of house. Here are given principles for right construction of the house.

Construction Material:

  • Only new material should be used for building.
  • Old material which is not durable should not be used for new construction as generally old bricks, doors; steel bars and plumbing material are used in new construction.
  • Wood taken from thorny trees should not be used.
  • As per Vastu rules same material should be used for doors and their frames that is iron doors are made of iron frames rather that wooden frames and wooden doors are made of wooden frames instead of iron frames.

Storage of Material:

  • Store room is necessary at construction site for storing materials like cement bags. Storage makes the room heavy so it should be in southwest, south or west direction.


  • As per Vastu, excavation of land should commence from northeast corner and proceed towards the East, North, South and then West direction.

Water Sump:

  • Water source in the plot is auspicious in northeast, north or east directions as northeast is place of water. Avoid it in southwest, southeast and northwest directions. Water sump in the middle of house is inauspicious.

Laying Foundation:

  • Foundation work should start from southwest corner and proceed towards northwest and southeast and then from southeast and northwest to northeast.

Entrance Door:

  • Entrance door should be in positive direction and far away from corners. Positive directions are North, Northeast, and East in East and North facing plot, Southeast and South in South facing plot, West and Northwest in West facing plot. There should be one or maximum two entrance doors in a house.

General Tips for House Construction:

  • There should be open space in the northeast of the house. There is more open space in the North and East than South and West.
  • Master bedroom should be in the Southwest of the house.
  • Kitchen should be in the Southeast of the house. Alternate location is the Northwest.
  • Pooja Room should be built in the Northeast of the house.
  • Toilet should be in the West or Northwest and bathroom can be in the Northeast, North, East or Northwest of the house.
  • Basement can be in northern or eastern portion of the house.
  • The paint of light color is auspicious as per Vastu. Avoid red and black color in house